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Chose and Declare - The Heart of Carving Your Unique Career

If you read our last blog about Where to Find Your Passion, you’ll be familiar with the term passionate core. Go ahead and read it if you haven’t already. Though I promise I will eventually get into the nitty-gritty of how to actually (and pragmatically) apply your passions to your life, today we’re focusing on something different: the importance of actively choosing to follow your passionate core.

There are two steps to achieve this:

  1. Choose to live your own life, not someone’s expectation of how your life should be.
  2. Declare your career direction.

Following these steps may inadvertently disappoint people in your life and lead to changes in what you are doing.  This has been the case with about every person we know who has crafted a sustained career of passion and success - initially people in their life were disappointed, even disbelieving, of their choice.  However, once you make the choice, the sense of liberation you experience will make any short-term resistance well worth it. You will feel happier, more purpose-driven, and more fulfilled in your life and career.

Choosing to own your own life can be difficult, especially if those close to you have expectations that don’t align with what you want. In a career sense, this happens quite often. Companies are not generally in the business of helping you “follow your passion,” so breaking from that mold can be challenging.

Likewise, declaring to the world that you will follow your own path—your passionate core—can be a daunting and vulnerable task. And when I say declare, I truly mean to declare. Once you decide to choose your own life and declare your career path, it is critical that you tell those around you—your family, your friends, your coworkers, your boss—about your decision.

Why? Because when you are authentically you and finally make your passions known, your energy will rally those around you to support you and surface opportunities. This may not happen all at once, but it will happen. Discussing your newfound goals and how you would like to implement them in the workplace will cause positive change in your work life.

In short, actively choosing to follow your passion will bring joy to your life. I guarantee it. Choose today to follow your passion.

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