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How to Use Job Boards Effectively

Believe it or not, there is a strategy to using job boards. Considering only 20% of new hires are through job boards, efficiency is key. The next time you sit down to post your CV online, keep these thoughts in mind:

Post on sites that are specific to your career.

While Indeed and CareerBuilder are useful, it will be more worth your while to upload your CV to more specialized sites. It will be easier to find postings that are relevant to you, plus they might include listings that aren’t available on the general job boards. Here are some niche job boards to get you started. 

Use SEO and check your grammar. 

We covered the topic of using SEO and keywords in resumes in a previous blog, but as a refresher: find a few phrases that employers will search for and use them within your CV. You’ll also want to modify your CV to fit each job you apply for. And, as always, check your spelling, grammar, and formatting before you submit your application.

The 10-20-70 approach is more likely to pay off. 

The 10-20-70 approach is a simple percentage to help you plan your time while job hunting. 10% should be devoted to responding to postings on job boards, 20% should be interacting with recruiters, and the other 70% should be networking. Your application is more appealing if a personal connection is established, and will increase your chances of scoring an interview.

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