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How to Write a Resume

Writing a compelling resume is crucial for any job search. Unfortunately, most of us enter the workforce without ever really learning how to write a resume. There are strategies behind writing a resume that showcases your talents and abilities. We’ve compiled some of the most important tips to remember:

  1. Use keywords often.
  2. List accomplishments, not tasks.
  3. Format your resume simply.

I’ll start with the first: keywords. When writing a resume, you need to use keywords at the top of your resume and use them often. So what are keywords? The best way to find out is to go to your favorite job boards and look at the listings you’re interested in. Check which words or phrases they’re using in their listing, such as ”digital marketing manager,” “Excel proficiency,” or “analytical skills,” for example. Pick out the ones that best describe you and your experience, then add them to your resume. When the company searches their applicants for those characteristics, your resume is more likely to be toward the top.

With this strategy, it’s also important to change those keywords for each company to which you submit a resume. Each listing will be unique, and therefore your resume needs to be unique.

Second: list accomplishments, not tasks. It’s easy to start naming your daily tasks on the job—sorting mail, fielding calls, etc.—but focus on what you accomplished at each job. Did you develop a new marketing campaign? Or plan and execute a company-wide event? Write it down! Detailing your accomplishments shows what you’re actually capable of.

Third: format your resume simply. Formatting your resume is oftentimes just as important as writing it. Most companies use a system that only tracks resumes using Times New Roman or Arial font, and have no wacky sidebars or formatting. In reality, resumes you submit online should be fairly bland-looking. Save the fancy, stylized resumes for in-person meetings, and use the plain resume for online applications.

Most importantly, if writing the right resume seems insurmountable, or you feel like you’ve tried everything and had no luck, check out our Resume & LinkedIn Career Coaching Package. You’ll be matched with an experienced career coach who will listen to your specific needs and guide you through creating the right resume for you. We hope you found this information helpful. Rest assured, more tips and tricks will be coming soon. If you have any questions, Contact Us or call 800.680.7768.