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What To Do When A Job Candidate Interviews Well But Assesses Poorly?

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Megan, who is a candidate for the open VP of Operations role, had completed her initial recruiter interview and the next round of interviews with the hiring manager and other stakeholders on the team. The feedback was

The Five Most Common Mistakes Mid-Level Job Seekers Make

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How To Avoid The Tell Me About Yourself Trap

Interviewing Career Paths Tell Me About Yourself

One of the first questions that is asked during a job interview or informational meeting is “Can you please tell me about yourself”. You would think that a question like this would be easy to answer yet I have seen

Rethink How You  Hire People – You May Be Doing It All Wrong


A recent Harvard Business Review article “How To Hire” by the always on target Patty McCord (former Chief Talent Officer for Netflix and now a very in demand consultant) challenged many of the perspectives that I had

Hiring Managers – Please Stop Ghosting Your Candidates – Notes From An Outplacement Consultant


As an outplacement consultant, I work with a number of great candidates who are in job search. They put their heart and soul into finding their next opportunity.

What Dating Sites Can Teach Us About Interviewing


In the recent Wired magazine there was an interesting article by Elise Craig titled “Not OK, Cupid: Niche Dating Apps Are Proving Icky and Bad For Love”.  In the article she writes about how dating sites have gone from

Ask A Career Coach – It’s All in How You Present Yourself


Companies don’t hire people. People hire people. They don’t hire resumes, cover letters or fancy business cards. They hire people who can add value.

Ask A Career Coach - Interviewing Fundamentals Are Back


Ask A Career Coach - 14 Tips to Ace Your Skype Job Interview


Practice makes perfect. This dictum applies to learning to do anything well -- whether it's riding a bike, speaking a foreign language, or doing a Skype interview with confidence. Consultant Kerrie Hopkins, who works

Ask a Career Coach - 7 Tips to Ace the Phone Interview


It is pretty much a given these days that if a candidate’s resume makes it past the first step in the screening process, the next step will be a phone interview. In today’s job market, human resources, hiring managers