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3 Ways to Make Your Hiring Assessments More Effective

Organizations today are competing to hire diverse top talent, spending over $200 billion annually on recruitment.  As part of this investment, an increasing number are leveraging scientific hiring assessments to surface the predictors of high performing talent. According to Talent Board's Candidate Experience Research report, 82% of companies stated the use of some form of hiring assessment tests. While it is not easy to make the right hiring decision on a consistent basis, it can be greatly improved by implementing pre-employment hiring assessments.

Many studies exist that confirm the benefits in using effective validated assessments - from predicting the right fit, enhancing the company’s brand, to onboarding new hires effectively, to developing leaders across the organization. An Aberdeen Group study sites that businesses that use pre-employment hiring assessments experience 39% lower turnover among employees. Moreover, organizations that use pre-hire assessments are 24% more likely to have employees who exceed performance goals. In fact, we have seen results across industries stating increased productivity, higher retention, and cost savings enabling our clients to lead with a competitive talent advantage.

However, shifting to a hiring assessment tool is not enough to attain effective results. To ensure the right fit, companies and hiring leaders need to have consistency in their use of the data driven insights from hiring assessment and tools. CMP’s Talent Assessment Advantage eBook is a great resource to understand the effective use of hiring assessment and realizing the advantages of validated assessments.

Listed below are 3 key practices to make your hiring assessments more effective.  For more information go to CMP’s Talent Assessment Advantage eBook.

1. Align hiring assessment with business goals

A smart organization critically thinks about why they want to incorporate assessment tools and the outcome they want to achieve using hiring assessments. What is the benefit from using assessment? What are the goals you would like to achieve through hiring assessment? Aligning the assessment needs with business goals and organizational culture helps hiring leaders eliminate siloed evaluations and take on a more holistic approach to identify the right assessment tool. Whether it is HR-specific goals or a wider aspect of the talent lifecycle such as pre-hiring assessments, performance evaluation or building a future talent pipeline, having a clear objective can help determine the assessment processes and tools that will be effective to your organization’s goal.

2. Leverage the power of scientifically validated predictions

A significant goal behind using hiring assessments in the employment process is Predictive Insights - scientifically validated and uniquely aligned insights that highlights potential candidates, their strengths, gaps, and risks. Make your hiring assessments more effective by choosing assessment processes that enable you to gain accurate and powerful behavioral insights, tendencies and preferences into the individual.

"For assessments to be predictive, they need to have gone through a set of validation processes that show a compelling correlation within certain parameters and constraints. This science of assessment is critical to the success of your assessment implementation.” - Scott McTague, CMP Senior Vice President of Talent Fit Solutions. View Profile

3. Choose a hiring assessment partner with proven expertise

Choose an effective hiring assessment provider for your organization by evaluating critical aspects of the assessment program - sound science, output, training, user-friendliness and technology integration. Are the design and implementation properly followed by strict guidelines and requirements? Do they have competency-based output? How valuable is the information on the overall interview process? Choose a partner with proven expertise and a well-executed assessment and selection program to help you successfully select and develop talent.

"Whether you are implementing assessment for the first time, refreshing your assessment practices, or broadening your assessments to a larger audience, it is critical you work with a firm with experience who both knows the science of predictive assessment, and the art of effective implementation.” - Joe Frodsham, CMP President. View Profile

While implementing leadership assessments, it is crucial to build on key universal practices as well as a tailored approach that are unique to your organization. An experienced partner like CMP can help you with assessment strategy, selection, and implementation across all levels. Learn more about our hiring assessment advantage here or get in touch with us today!

CMP is a talent assessment, development and transition firm supporting the full talent lifecycle.  CMP is a minority-and-woman owned firm with global delivery capability.  For more information, see www.careermp.com.