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5 Requirements of High Impact Coaching

The challenges the world has faced in 2020 have become defining moments for individuals and companies. These challenges, such as COVID-19, social equality issues, business market ambiguity, unprecedented job losses, and stock market fluctuations, are shaping the future in an unprecedented manner. To meet the future, it is vital that leadership and companies learn from these crises.  In CMP's Crisis Leadership Pulse Check, over 91% of survey respondents agreed with this and indicated that these challenges would in some degree help improve their leadership and organization.

As a result, leadership coaching is gaining traction again and we're providing a coaching approach that provides real-time impact in a shorter period of time.

We call this High Definition Coaching (HD Coaching).

HD Coaching has the following five key characteristics: 

  • Behaviorally Targeted – coaching is focused on core observable areas of focus. It is critical that these focus areas are defined when the coaching is initiated. Often it is helpful to use a validated assessment with an online or verbal 360 assessment. Previous performance data is also helpful. The goal is to ensure the target behaviors are clear and agreed-upon.
  • Measurable and Meaningful – Meaningful in that the measures need to be important to the participant and the company, optimally outcome measures. We have used a variety of measures, from employee retention, to financial results, to a participant’s effectiveness in presenting and garnering
  • Time Condensed – coaching is provided in quarterly (three month) segments. We have found the quarterly rhythm to be the optimal level of incremental commitment for coaching – it creates real focus on realizing results with enough time to practice and sustain the new behaviors and
  • Short Feedback Loops – participant progress is reviewed regularly and used to calibrate and focus coaching efforts. Often this is completed through periodic touch-base with the participant’s manager, Human Resources or another pre-defined stakeholder. The coach will never disclose the actual conversations with the participant – those are always confidential. However, these stakeholders can calibrate on the outcomes and progress being made, and help re-direct coaching focus and areas in real-time and as needed.
  • Participant Focused - coaching is organized around the unique needs of the person being coached, and his/her areas of development focus. This includes the timing and content of the coaching meetings; and interim commitments, assignments, and support. Each person and situation is unique, the coaching needs to adjust to

When an experienced coach utilizes these five characteristics, we have found the results to be truly impactful – HD Coaching brings the art and science of the coaching together to drive a transformative experience.