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Adaptability as Leaders: How to Accept Change and Challenges

The world has always been one of change. As leaders, it is vitally important to learn how to accept both change and challenges as they come into our paths. Our lives need not be thrown off balance when met with difficult adjustments. Part of becoming a great, influential leader is learning how to maintain balance through change. So, how is it done?

Learn Acceptance

First, you must learn acceptance. The longer we spend fighting something, the more energy is given to holding onto the past. When all our time and energy is spent in the past, nothing is left for the present or future—and this is where success lies.

You must learn to accept change as part of life. The only guarantee in life is that nothing will stay the same. This acceptance may also come with stressors and anxiety, so it is important to accept those, as well. Instead of focusing on your fears try focusing on your goals and capabilities. Shifting focus will enable you to spend your time and energy building the new instead of dwelling on the old.

Accept the past, but fight for the future.”

(Harvard business review)


Take advantage of change—don’t let it take advantage of you

If change is sure to happen, then we must meet it head-on. When we lie in wait, change and stress will stop us in our tracks, and then we will be less prepared to move forward.

Change is a time for unexpected and often unprecedented growth. In a recent survey from CMP, more than 40% of leaders around the world reported that due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, they felt they developed and grew as a leader. Further, over 90% said they thought their leadership skills were effective.

“We have the power to build a great team, equip them with the right tools

and prepare them to deal with an environment that is continuously changing.”


When we take advantage of change, we also take charge of our lives. Don’t let change and challenges ruin something that is completely in your control.


Manage your expectations

Part of learning to accept change is learning to manage and shift your expectations. If you expect stability and perfection out of life then you will always be disappointed; however, if you learn to expect the unexpected then you will be prepared to manage it effectively, and even plan ahead. 

Adaptive leaders [choose] to view all changes,

whether wanted or unwanted, as an expected part of the human experience,

rather than as a tragic anomaly that victimizes unlucky people.”

(Harvard business review)


Change is inevitable. So, it must also be inevitable that we shift our lives to manage it effectively. Only when this is done can leaders truly lead.