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10 Great DisruptHR Videos That Are Well Worth Watching

disrupt_hr_logo-900x491.pngThe first DisruptHR event was held in September 2013, and since that time, over 250 DisruptHR Talks have been given in 13 cities, by a wide variety of people who are serious about disrupting the future of work.

In late February 2016  I was part of the first organizing committee that brought DisruptHR  to Atlanta. I also gave a presentation on outplacement. We had almost 200 people attending and the responses were very positive. We are hoping to bring DisruptHR back to Atlanta in October, 2016.

I was also part of the first organizing committee and am actively working on bringing DisruptHR back to Atlanta in September.

Jennifer McClure, the founder of DisruptHR, recently released a great blog summary of the top 10 most viewed presentations.

Sadly I did not make the list. Nevertheless, the list is well worth sharing.

Below is the link to the top 10 list. In this list you will find some intriguing presentations such as:

  • Is Ugly The New Protested Class?
  • Traditional Interviews Are Poor Predictors Of Success
  • Making Space For Moms
  • Why The CEO Should Report To The CHRO
  • Idea Sex In Talent Management

All of the five minute presentations are entertaining, have an interesting point of view and are well worth watching. Please click the link below to watch them.