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17 Tips To Better Interviewing From A Senior HR Executive

In most large companies, Human Resources will be a key part of the screening and hiring process.  Here are 17 tips from a former Senior HR Executive regarding what they want to hear and observe in the interview process:

  1. When interviewing, be sure to explain what you did, how you did it, why it was necessary. Be measurable and specific.
  2. They want to see how your education, work history and professional aspirations relate to the open position and the culture of the organization. This demonstrates you have done your homework.
  3. Ask business specific questions demonstrating you have done your research. The interview is not the time to ask about perks or if you have to work weekends!
  4. Give examples showing that you are persistent, can deal with difficult situations, change or challenging situations.
  5. Show that you can work independently, complete the job assignment with excellence.
  6. Give evidence that they will enjoy working with you....they want you to be likeable.
  7. Give specific examples that you are a team player, foster collaboration, work cross-functionally.
  8. Give proof that you are easy to manage, can take direction/feedback, and are teachable.
  9. Say positive comments about previous work experiences…..never be negative about former employers, managers, co-workers, or the culture.
  10. Have a professional appearance demonstrating that you care about the interview.
  11. Perfect your personal etiquette; how you treat everyone you come in contact with.
  12. Have an engaged demeanor; active participation in the conversation and dialogue. 
  13. Show your ability to listen and answer questions directly.
  14. They want to see how you react to a difficult question or one that you aren’t prepared for.
  15. Make sure you stand out in a memorable way (your success stories).
  16. They want to see how you end the interview, close and ask for the job.
  17. Make sure to follow up. Be sure to send thank you messages.

Paula Pope is a Senior Consultant with The Frontier Group. Her practice specialties are career coaching, outplacement and executive development.