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A Letter From An Atlanta Career Coaching Client

At The Frontier Group we place client satisfaction as the primary driver for all of our actions.

The following message from one of our Atlanta career coaching clients pretty much sums up all that we can do to help professionals advance their career.

The following message is from a recently landed client of Paula Pope. In his message he outlines all of the key takeaways he had from using our program. The letter can pretty much speak for itself.

Hi Paula,

Hope this email finds you well. I've been on the job for two days now but it was mostly just filling out all the paperwork, going through orientation, etc. 

I'll be starting in earnest next week.

I did want to put some thoughts down for you, however, so here they are in no particular order: 

- The Frontier Group system for finding a job is excellent. Having you pull my achievements out at the outset not only built a successful resume, it reminded me that I've had a lot of success in my career at a time when I badly needed to be reminded of that.

- LinkedIn is the single most valuable resource when finding a job, bar none. Having a profile is a must and upgrades are definitely worth the cost. Even beyond that, I got more responses by applying to jobs posted on LinkedIn than I did on any other job board.

- Everything you said at the outset came to fruition - your best chance of landing a job will be through networking, not job boards. Make friends in general and friends in high places in particular. It also took about four months to get a job, just as you said. 

- Volunteering has been great for me. Again, this was one of the things you suggested I do early on but I was too focused on / worried about my job search that I put it off until July. Now that I'm doing it I wish I'd done it much sooner. I'm adding valuable skills to my repertoire, helping veterans and connecting with generous and talented people every day. Win - Win - Win.

- Recruiters are great people to get to know but don't rely on them to get you a job. Instead, go right to people working at the companies where you want to work. Finding fellow alums through LinkedIn is a great way to do that. BTW, female recruiters tend to respond to requests to connect more so than males. Personal experience.

- The Ladders.com was of no use to me, though Marc Cenedella writes some very uplifting emails. I also never felt that cover letters were necessary. Again, personal observation.

- People are generally kind and willing to help if they can. Most people could sympathize with my plight as they've been there before themselves. Everybody wished me the best of luck.

Advice for candidates, over and above what I've already written: 

- Have fun. You're going to get another job eventually and this might be the only time you can really enjoy yourself. Get back to your hobbies, do those projects you've been putting off, get outside as much as possible, cross things off your bucket list. Being out of work is a gift, don't take it for granted. 

- Reconnect with old friends. That was my favorite part about being out of work.

- Make lots and lots of new friends. Join groups, attend functions, get out. You won't feel like doing it but do it. Just do it.

- Look into mortgage assistance. Contact your lender and also visit homesafegeorgia.com

 - Don't hesitate to pull money out of retirement. You need it now, you can put it back in later.

- DEFINITELY apply for Unemployment Insurance. It ain't much but heaven knows you put enough into it, time to get some back. Get all you can.

- Just remember that you're out of a job, you're not dying. There are a lot of people out there who don't have food, shelter, clothing or safety. You live in America so you're dealing with a first world problem. 

- Somebody will contact you and say something unbelievably nice when you need it most. And it won't be the person you think it will be. 

Hope that helps and feel free to give my contact info out to anyone going through a job search. I'll be happy to say nice things about you and The Frontier Group and help in any way I can.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Mike Doyle