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Ask a Career Coach: 4 Interview Tips You Haven't Heard

InterviewTipsOption2No matter how much experience you have, everyone needs to prepare for an interview. Interviews are somewhat like a test; you prepare as much as you can for it, but you never know exactly how it is going to go. There are the common sense practices that you do before an interview such as research the company and make sure your shirt or blouse is ironed, but are there reasons why you are not getting hired that you aren’t even thinking about?

Here are four tips that will put the cherry on top of your normal interview preparation routine:

1.       Try to schedule your interview earlier in the day and when the weather is good.

Research shows that your interview will go better if it is earlier in the day and nice outside. Think about it, earlier in the day, people are not as tired, and they are still in work mode. Same with the weather, people are generally happier when it’s sunny, so your interviewer will inherently be in a better mood if the weather is good. (Source: Time.com)

2.       Research your interviewer.

You might have heard this suggestion before but maybe not for the right reason. According to Time, research shows that “the most common mechanism by which a candidate was evaluated was her similarity to her interviewer.” People like people who are similar to themselves. Now, this doesn’t mean lie about who you are, but it doesn’t hurt to change your attitude to match your interviewer.

3.       Don’t carry your most expensive handbag.

Men, this goes for you too when it comes to your watch. Our career coach, Paula Pope, stresses the importance of not carrying or wearing your most expensive accessories because it makes you look expensive. Your interviewer will think that he cannot afford you. There is a way to communicate about your compensation; however, it should not be from your appearance.

4.       Do not wear a lot of jewelry or bright colors.

Women, this goes for makeup, too. These things can distract from what the interviewer should really be focusing on: YOU. When it comes to your wardrobe, keep minimalism in mind. It will help the interviewer stay focused on what you have to bring to the table.