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Ask A Career Coach - Workplace Trends for Millennials

An interesting brochure was recently shared with me. It was the student recruiting material for Kings Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta. The brochure outlines what workplace trends today's millennials are looking for and how the school helps to prepare their students for the future. Here is what they said today's workers are looking for:

  • An energized workplace environment where they can work in collaboration with others
  • An environment where they see themselves as viable members who are part of the discussion and will be provided an opportunity to contribute
  • Opportunities to develop their abilities to make an immediate impact
  • Transparent and honest leadership from strong and inspiring mentors
  • To work at an organization that gives back to the community
  • Continual feedback so that they know where they stand rather than the annual review
  • A non-traditional work schedule that allows them to work after hours in exchange for more flexibility during the regular work week
  • Ability to stay connected to people in their organization and create a strong peer feedback loop
  • Want to find opportunities for entrepreneurship - even if it is within organizations

 Although these points are geared towards millennials, it is important to recognize that most employees in the workforce are beginning to gain these mindsets as well. In reality, the list above is not too different than what the typical worker has always wanted.

Being part of a group, feeling like you're making a difference, and wanting constant feedback from an honest leader seem like obvious criteria for a functional workspace. In the end, it is important to pay attention to workplace trends so that you can recruit the best and ultimately keep them happy and efficient.