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Attitude Is Everything

I just came across an interesting survey result from ExecuNet showing almost universal support that hiring is predicated on the possession of a positive attitude. The survey showed that hiring managers see a good attitude as a sign of someone who will be productive team member, will create and maintain a positive work environment and will have more upside career development potential.

The message: - Get positive and stay positive - it will help you get hired and advance your career

Here is the direct quote from the ExecuNet press release:

Nearly 88 percent of 3,785 senior-level executives surveyed said they would rather enhance their team with an individual who possesses a good attitude, even if the candidate does not perform to the highest level or have top qualifications. Only 6 percent of the surveyed executives said they would accept an A-player’s bad attitude, and another 6 percent were unsure.

“In reviewing initial data from our 21st annual executive job market intelligence survey, we're finding there is a dramatic attitudinal contrast between those who are happy at work and those who are not,” Robyn Greenspan, ExecuNet’s chief content officer. “Negativity can quickly become contagious in an organization and drag down performance. B-players with great attitudes can likely become A-players in the right environment.”

ExecuNet surveyed more than 3,500 executives in late January and early February 2013.