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Avoid Self Sabotage – Please!

I just read a great Harvard Business Review blog (www.hbr.com) by Susan David on how to avoid the trap of self-sabotage. In the blog Susan discusses how “self-handicapping”(behavior that allows us to protect ourselves from the pain of assuming responsibility for our failures) leads us to derail our careers.

In the blog Susan outlines four key steps to help avoid self-handicapping. They are:

1. Watch for the warning signs
Self-awareness (and an objective insight from a career coach) can keep you aware and open to the signs of excuse making

2. Use “what-ifs” and “if-onlys” to help you generate goals rather than excuses
All of the thinking that goes into “self-handicapping” can be reversed and used to positively motivate you. Instead of focusing on what is holding you back take the effort to address these factors with training, coaching or anything else that can better prepare you for the next opportunity.

3.Recognize and manage your negative emotions.
Stop beating yourself up with self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.

4.Go for mastery.
Identify what really matters to you and direct your efforts towards getting to be exceptional in this area.

Here is the full HBR blog – enjoy.