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Best Practices for Developing Your Personal Marketing Plan – Part 4

This concludes our blog series on developing a personal marketing plan based on the great insights from John O’Brien, CEO of The Sales Talent Group.

Here is the blueprint that John has developed based on the best practices he has gathered:

1. Create a purpose and mission for yourself
2. Set clearly written and defined goals
3. Complete a product and marketing analysis
4. Identify your target markets
5. Develop impactful marketing materials
6. Utilize an effective sales approach

We have covered the first five best practices in my previous blogs. Now let’s cover the last – the sales approach.

Your sales approach should take three paths – direct, channel and in-direct

Direct Sales
Directly contact the companies that you have on your target list. This means that you will need to identify a decision maker within the organization who you can reach out to.

Channel Sales
Build a connector list of fifteen to twenty five people that can help you get your message out. These people are the ones who have a high number of LinkedIn connections and are open to helping.

In-Direct Sales
This approach uses the online job boards, LinkedIn job posting and company websites.

This wraps up my series on developing a personal marketing plan. I cannot thank John O’Brien enough for sharing his knowledge and experience in this area. I hope that this will help each and everyone.