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Can You Say, “Thank God It's Monday?”

Thank God it's MondayIf your answer is “no”, perhaps if you’re not looking for a job you should be.

In a June 2013 study by Gallup, only 30% of American employees surveyed felt engaged or inspired in their jobs. The other 70% said they were not reaching their full potential with 50% saying they had “checked out” and 20% were “actively disengaged.” http://www.gallup.com/strategicconsulting/163007/state-american-workplace.aspx

Gallup also found that those who are “engaged” are passionate about their work, feel connected to the company, and are responsible for the most innovation.

In an American Time Use study conducted by The Bureau of Labor Statistics in June 2013, the average American aged 25 to 54 with children spent 8.8 hours at work per day every day. Research indicates the average American spends 14% of their lives at work. Is there an alternative to being unhappy 14% of a lifetime? http://www.bls.gov/news.release/atus.nr0.htm

Guru Marshall Goldsmith says, “Everyone deserves a coach.” When working with your career coach, be sure they guide you in the mechanics of looking for a job, help build your self-esteem, AND spend time with you to define:

HOW you want to live and work – what work environment do you want? What motivates you? Is it security? More money? Autonomy? Work-life balance? Technical competence?

WHAT you want to create and give through your life, when all is said and done.

WHY you are on this planet at this time – the UNIQUE purpose (we all have one whether we know it or not) http://hbr.org/2014/05/from-purpose-to-impact/ar/1

Having this discussion with your coach will take you a long way toward being one of the 30% who are engaged and inspired at work. You deserve it.

Jeff Rollins is a Senior Consultant with The Frontier Group. Jeff has coached over 900 clients from entry-level professionals to C-suite leaders in 21 years of coaching within two Fortune 50 companies and five consulting firms. He aspires to help clients develop a fulfilling and attainable career, find better jobs, and achieve work-life balance. He can be reached at Jeff.rollins@frontiergroupusa.com