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The Frontier Group Gives Back

Paula Pope – one of The Frontier Group’s Senior Consultants – told me about a great story that her Pastor would tell her congregation regarding service to others.

The Pastor would ask everyone to think of a large bowl of soup with two utensils in the bowl – a ladle and a spoon. The Pastor would then ask everyone which utensil would they chose. Their choice says many things about how they see themselves.

Those who chose a spoon are thinking about serving themselves.

Those who chose a ladle are thinking about serving others.

At The Frontier Group we have a commitment to servant leadership and helping others in our community by sharing our career coaching, resume development and interviewing skills with various career ministry and youth groups across the metro Atlanta area.

Patrick Lynch – President - is active in the SHRM Mayor’s Youth Program where he mentors high school juniors and seniors on careers and potential internships. He is also an active speaker at several career ministries such as Life Lessons, Temple Beth Al Shalom, Opportunity Knocks and Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.

Richard Morgan – Senior Consultant – and Paula Pope are both active volunteers at the Roswell United Methodist Career Ministry helping in transition professionals with resume development and interviewing skills.

Warren Ezra – Vice President - and John Richardson – Senior Consultant – are both active volunteers at C3G Career Ministry at Northpoint Community Church where they mentor in transition professionals on networking.

The Frontier Group is proud that they chose the ladle rather than the spoon. We are collectively blessed with a wide range of career coaching skills that we can fortunately share with others who are in need.