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Career Networking - Take Action

Part 3 – Developing a NetWeaving Action Plan

In my last blog I discussed how to rethink networking by changing from a perspective of “what’s in it for me?” to “how can I help you?” Changing the way that we think about meeting others helps remove the personal barriers that hold us back.

In the end it comes down to building relationships that can lead to the mutual benefit and growth for both parties.

Now comes the time to begin developing a connection strategy. Begin by developing an outline of your objectives with actionable metrics.

My goal is to secure a Director of Marketing position in the consumer electronics channel within the Atlanta market. To accomplish this goal I plan to reach out and connect with ten people per week with the objective of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship where I can help them with my industry connections and they can help me with introductions to several key decision makers within my target market list. I will execute this strategy through LinkedIn connection requests and direct contact to people that I have within my personal contact list.

Now that a goal has been established we then move to creating an action plan.

  • Start with a target list of companies that best meet your career objectives.
  • Then do a LinkedIn search using the Company section to identify key people that you would like to meet to discuss your career objectives. Please keep in mind that you do not need to only focus on potential hiring managers. It can be extremely helpful to build peer relationships as you establish a NetWeaving base because this can lead to referrals and better opportunities for you to help others.
  • Execute the plan and track the results.

In creating and executing the action plan please always keep in mind that it is about developing relationships and opportunities for you to help others and in turn allow others help you. This can be so rewarding on a number of levels and you will surprise yourself with how much easier it will be to reach out to people with this new frame of mind.