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Career Networking - Tips and Tools

Part 4 – NetWeaving Action Plan Tips

The key to building an effective NetWeaving strategy is to develop a plan.

Just like with any successful business endeavor, a plan will assist you to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. In the case of a Networking / NetWeaving plan, I suggest to our clients that they start with the end in mind.

Begin by identifying the target organizations that you feel best meet your career objectives. For planning purposes we start with a list of 10 to 20 companies.

From there we collaboratively work with our clients on identifying the key contacts within these organizations. A logical starting point is to search via LinkedIn or Reachable.com for individuals within your target companies with job titles that best meet the type of hiring manager that would be interested in you as an employee.

Once you have some potential contacts we then advise you to use Reachable to see what connection paths exist between you and your targets.

Reachable gathers your personal contacts - your email contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Apple Mail and others; your social network connections from Facebook and LinkedIn - and consolidates them into your own network of “people you know”. Reachable then enhances your network by comparing it with a database of over 65 million business people to help you uncover business relationships among your social contacts that you never knew about.

Reachable provides a comprehensive people search capability to help you find the people you want to know. Once you select a target individual, Reachable uses its knowledge of your network and its database of over 65 million people and over one billion relationships to determine the best connection paths between you and a target individual.

Reachable will show an easy to use visual path of the potential ways that you “reach out” to these key individuals. We find this approach easier to use than LinkedIn because Reachable shows all of the connection possibilities rather than a lump sum of second degree connections.

As we are constantly seeking out new resources to assist our clients succeed, our clients find Reachable easy to use and a very productive use of their time.

Next: I will begin a new series – Focus Your Search To Be More Productive

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