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Charlotte and Atlanta Career Coaching Success Stories - William

William-1At age 44, William had already accomplished a lot at work and at home. He was happily married with one son who was about to go off to college. He had a good job as Operations Manager for a smaller family-owned company. Unfortunately, since the company he worked at was so small, there was not any more room for upward mobility. Not only did he not have room for promotion, he was working long hours—something his wife was not particularly happy about—and his son was about to head off to college, so he was very conscious of this new financial endeavor.

With all of this to think about, William began to look for other opportunities. He was not willing to relocate since he loved his town and wanted to stay close to friends and family and he was looking for a pay raise. So he started applying to jobs online and looking into his connections to see if there was any place looking for an operations or sales professional and for a while, he came up with nothing. He hardly got any replies to his online resume submissions and when he did, after the first interview, he never heard anything again. Obviously, William became very frustrated and began wondering if he needed help.

William found The Frontier Group online and was interested in the one-on-one career coaching services that it offered. He liked how they help with resumes and do mock interviews since these were areas that he needed help. After contacting The Frontier Group, he was set up with Senior Consultant, Steve Basinski, who helped him create a clear course of action, use his connections and use his bright personality as an asset in his interviews.

Eventually, William was referred by a friend to an opening as Director of Sales for a manufacturing company in his current town. With interview practice and more coaching from Steve, William was able to secure the position to head up all sales for the manufacturing company and he didn’t have to relocate. He is now working hours that are good for his family and he is able to pay his son’s college tuition without the help of loans. He thanks Steve for all of his help and knows he couldn’t have gotten the position without him.

Steve Basinski is a Vice President and Senior Consultant with The Frontier Group, an outplacement and career coaching firm with offices in Atlanta and Charlotte.

Steve is just one of our excellent Charlotte and Atlanta Career Coaches. Please visit our website to get more information on all of our consultants.