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Client Success Stories

During a recent performance review with my career coaching team we reviewed the progress that all of our clients have made in the past six months.

The overall conclusion was that our client success rate has dramatically. This improvement is significant in that we are seeing clients land in a wide range of industries and roles. This points to an overall improvement in the economic landscape for the two markets that we operate in – Atlanta and Charlotte.

A partial list of our clients that have landed so far this year is:
Partner – law firm
VP Sales & Marketing – gun manufacturer
IT Manager – return from franchise role
Director of Business Development – commercial real estate
Engineer – aircraft manufacturer
Management Supervisor – advertising agency
IT Engineer – software company
Sales Director – Mortgage
Field Engineer
Sales Manager – publishing/books
Wealth Management Advisor
Associate Partner - Consulting firm

In addition, we are also preparing many other clients for upcoming interviews for both outside and internal positions.

Net, we can best measure success by how our clients are performing. The results for 2012 have so far been very good and the outlook for the balance of the year looks great.