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Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace - Summary


This is the conclusion of our multi-part series on emotional intelligence. 

At The Frontier Group we are an Atlanta Executive Coaching and EQ Leadership consulting firm that is proud of our collaboration with Adele Lynn and hope that all of our clients and friends have learned more about EQ through this series.

What did we cover?

In this series we looked at a range of well written emotional intelligence topics from Adele Lynn:

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

How To Hire Better Using EQ

EQ Best Practices for HR Leaders

Emotional Intelligence and Diversity - How To Make A Stronger Organization

The common theme is that outstanding organizations with productive and vibrant cultures do so by building and creating high trust relationships. As Adele Lynn says:

"Of course, sound business practices are essential to success, but without trusting relationships that are forged each day at all levels, organizations are limited and distracted by events and symptoms that dampen morale and discourage performance. Regardless of how sound the business practices are, the business will be limited in growth and long-term profit if strategies for integrating and valuing all people are not a part of the plan".

EQ Leadership training and incorporating emotional intelligence principles can be the competitive edge that organizations need to separate them from the pack.

Where the industrial age productivity was created by time/motion studies in today's intellectual capital age productivity is gained by teamwork, collaboration, and sharing. Emotional intelligence elevation and awareness can drive great improvements in the workplace. Teams can work better, conflicts are resolved and communication flow is enhanced.

We hope that you have enjoyed this series and would like to learn more about how EQ Leadership training can drive improvements in your organization.