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Employee Turnover Forecasted To Significantly Increase

A recent article in HR Magazine by Adrienne Fox published by SHRM (www.shrm.org) reveals that the level of employee turnover is forecasted to significantly increase in 2012. Some of the key statistics that support this are:

  • A whopping 84 percent of employees said they planned to search for a new job in 2012, according to a November 2011 online survey of more than 1,000 people in the United States and Canada by Right Management.
  • The desire for higher compensation and feeling overworked were the top reasons employees gave for resigning in the survey of more than 3,000 hiring managers and HR professionals across industries and company sizes.
  • Thirty percent of employers said they lost top performers in 2011, and 43 percent said they were concerned that top talent could jump ship in 2012.

The increase in turnover – while problematic for employers – will be a major opportunity for those looking to change jobs or are in transition.

To take full advantage of this ongoing trend we are working with our career coaching clients to be actively in touch with all of the key organizations within their target list so that the key decision makers are aware of who they are and what they can do for them. This proactive approach will become increasingly productive in the market that we will be seeing.

Rather than wait for job postings our career coaching clients will be out in front of the evaluation and hiring process.