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Employees Grow More Self-Reliant About Career

There was an interesting press release from Right Management (www.right.com) about the importance of taking control over managing your own career. The release presented the results of a survey that Right Management completed showing that 90% of those questioned feel more self-reliant on managing their careers and that they count on themselves – not their organizations – for training and development.

The key insight from this survey – which may seem obvious to many – is that employees must take care of themselves in the new world of work that we live in. The old days – where development and succession planning outlined what our future will be – are gone. Employees now count on themselves to choose the appropriate career path.

Here is the press release

PHILADELPHIA – March 27, 2012 – The competitive job market seems to be having at least one beneficial effect, according to a survey by Right Management. Nine out of ten of the 364 North American employees surveyed say they are feeling more self-reliant about managing their career. Right Management is the talent and career management experts within Manpower Group.

Has the continued weak job market made you more self-reliant about managing your career?

  • 66% Yes, definitely
  • 23% Yes, somewhat
  • 6% Not that I am aware of
  • 5% Not at all

“The employees surveyed seem genuinely convinced that they’re more self-directed when it comes to managing their own career,” said Monika Morrow, Senior Vice President of Career Management for Right Management, which provides talent, career and outplacement services to Fortune 500 companies.

“Ten years ago,” said Morrow, “the concept of self-directed career management was relatively new and not well understood. Now it has traction. Today both management and employees understand and embrace this new reality. The dramatic changes in the job market of the past few years won’t be forgotten in our lifetime, nor will the realization that people need to take control of their futures, even as hiring picks up.”

Morrow believes that understanding the importance of self-directed career management is actually a good thing. “Career management means a lot more, say, than quitting in order to take a new job. In fact, it might mean the reverse, staying with an organization but seeking out professional development opportunities, new assignments or growth opportunities. Employees today can’t expect management to drive their careers forward. True self-reliance is about helping to create your own solutions and really making things happen for you.”