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Ezayo - A New HR And Recruiting Job Search Platform

Ezayo.jpgLast week Hunt Scanlon Media (a very useful information service provider for HR practitioners) announced that they are launching a targeted job search platform named Ezayo.

The job search platform will provide an easy job posting and candidate search experience for HR Professional and Executive Search professionals. According Hunt Scanlon founders Chris Hunt and Scott Scanlon they have said that they presently have nearly 100 launch partners including Aetna, Boston Consulting Group, Nike, Pitney Bowes and XPO Logistics.

I can report that my Ezayo user experience was very good. The site navigation is clean and intuitive. The job postings were also quite good for both HR senior level professionals and recruiters.The advanced search features are what you would expect.

The cost to post on Ezayo is competitive versus their competition.

  • One job post credit costs $150.
  • Five job credits cost $625
  • 10 job credits cost $1,100
  • 20 job credits cost $2,000

The site also allows someone to sign up for new job posting alerts. This feature can use a little more enhancement because I could not see how a filtered advanced search alert could be set up.

I cannot report on the back office/ATS functionality that the site provides for employers. I am sure that it is very functional and what one would expect from a top notch company link Hunt Scanlon.

ezayo 2.jpg

Finally, the site also will provide insights that draw from all of the great content provided by Hunt Scanlon (something I regularly read and share).

Hunt Scanlon will be crowded and competitive space. They are very focused on their target audience and message though. Human Resources and Executive Recruiting does play to their strengths. Also, they are off to a great start with a number of marquee companies' posting positions on the site.

We at The Frontier Group wish them well.