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Five Steps For Successful Onboarding


One of the most important phases when beginning a new position is how you manage the transition or onboarding.

Every new employee wants to make their mark and there is always much to learn. How you manage the onboarding can improve your perception with new colleagues, lead to ultimate success, and is beneficial for career advancement.

Understand job expectations. Meet with your new supervisor and ask the following:

  • What are the expectations for this role?
  • What is expected in the first 30, 60, 90 days?
  • How is success measured? How will I know if I am meeting expectations?
  • What are the immediate priorities?
  • How can we establish effective communication channels?

Learn the culture. 

  • Ask for a mentor who can share the unwritten work rules and how to navigate the organization to get things done.
  • Research the company mission, vision, and values.
  • Understand who the key stakeholders are and who holds the power.

Put People Before Paper.

  • Network and build new relationships.
  • Have meaningful conversations with co-workers.
  • Be visible, accessible. Realize that your colleagues are watching you.

Observe, Evaluate Before Acting.

  • Take time to observe, understand the work of others.
  • Observe interactions, work meeting dynamics.
  • Identify low hanging, fruit early winds.
  • Be slow to point out problems and mistakes of the former person in your position. Instead, suggest solutions.

Be Gracious and Likeable.

  • Go above and beyond to thank those who help in your transition.
  • Take supportive colleagues out to lunch; send thank you notes. People will observe and remember your actions. 

Paula Pope, Senior Consultant - The Frontier Group provides customized corporate outplacement, career coaching, executive coaching, talent development, and assessment solutions. The Frontier Group proudly offers customized services that cultivate strategy, results and partnerships.