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Focus Your Job Search - Part II

In my previous blog I wrote how focus is the key in your job search. Focus creates opportunity because you draw the straightest line for a potential decision maker in terms of connecting you with a position within their organization.

We may at first consider this focused approach will limit our opportunities because it will place us out of consideration for a number of potential positions. The opposite is actually true.

Your chances of getting an interview or referral meeting dramatically increase the closer you are to a 100% match to what your target company is looking for. The further we move away from this focused approach, the greater our chances of not being contacted.

This is a case where quality is far more important than quantity.

The same holds true when you develop a list of target companies. Your search will be far more productive when you narrow your list to the companies that can best see the value that you can bring to them. This means that your target list should draw from industry sectors that best match your background or from organizations that can best understand how your transferable skills can work for them.

This sounds simple but it does require discipline. Here in Atlanta, I see many candidates list all of the obvious marquee companies on their target list – Coca Cola, UPS, The Home Depot, etc. But are they really a good match for these companies? Upon an objective review the answer in many situations is no.

I generally advocate leaving these organizations off of your target list unless an objective fact based evaluation supports your analysis. For example, you have the relevant industry experience or an easy to understand transferable set of skills that these companies will understand and value.

Focus your job search! You will be far more productive by developing a target list of companies that are a close match to your background and skill set.

Until next week,