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Follow Your Passion

At The Frontier Group I routinely do a career client seminar where I cover job search and career management.

One area that I spend some time discussing is following your passions. Said another way, find a career doing something that you really like doing.

This advice can become very cliche ridden. I am going to avoid that. I do want to simply say that finding a career doing something that you love will be a key part in helping you to achieve balance in your total life.

I can speak first hand on how important this can be. I started out my career as an accountant. My reason for choosing this career path was based on the fact that my Dad was an accountant. I soon realized that I hated every minute - every hour - every day in this line of work.

I was blessed though that I found what I could be passionate about - marketing. More specifically - consumer product marketing.

From that point forward I had direction and purpose. I earned an MBA in Marketing and was able to pursue a career path that would take me through brand management, trade marketing, category management, market research, national account management and eventually the President of The Frontier Group. The common thread ties all of this together is marketing a consumer product good or service.

Marketing is something that I love. I love talking about it - reading books about it - learning more about it.

At The Frontier Group one of our primary coaching objectives is to help our clients find their passion. It is not just finding a job quickly or getting a position with higher compensation. These are important of course but we always strive to help them develop careers that they can get personal fulfillment. We want them to look forward to going to work and not have that knot in their stomach on their morning commute.