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How EQ Can Make Better IT Leaders


EQ versus IQ.

Which is important to being to being a successful IT leader? It is interesting to find out that IT leaders with high EQ are more effective in their roles.

In the February issue of CIO magazine, Adele Lynn of the Lynn Leadership Group, was interviewed on the importance of EQ (Emotional necessarily Intelligence) for IT leaders. In the article Adele states that the smartest person in the room cannot be measured by their IQ because leadership goes beyond having the best technical skills.

Adele goes on to say that the EQ of the IT leader has a significant impact on the retention and engagement of their team. This skill is vital in a workplace where the war for talent if fierce.

Adele has seen the benefits of EQ training for IT leaders directly from the consulting projects she has had with CIO's at several major companies. The end result of her engagement has been leaders who can better connect, inspire and develop their teams.

The link to the full article is below.