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HR News You Can Use – Workplace Trends and Constant Change Leadership

80608570.jpgIn this version of HR News You Can Use we review some:

Interesting workplace trends that were revealed in a recent Fast Company magazine reader poll

Look at how to effectively manage constant change. We all know that it is essential to success but implementing it successfully can be challenging.

The Way That We Work – Interesting Insights

In the recent Fast Company magazine they published a poll of 250 managers on the way that they work. The insights were:

The traditional office is still the most prevalent.

71% of respondents indicated that they still report into an office. 23% reported that they work from home. While this is a large number who do not report to an office it indicates that the virtual office has not yet arrived.

Working From Home Varies By Region

The study showed some major differences by region on people working from home. In the West, 33% reported working from home while in the more population dense Northeast, 12.5% reported working from home.

More People Report That They Do Not Unplug

Some interesting  statistics showed that:

  • 69% of those surveyed check e-mail while on vacation
  • 60% say that they are “always on” and check e-mail constantly throughout the day.

Social Media Is Actually More Of A Distraction For The 40 to 49 Age Group

It was interested that 12% of the forty somethings reported being sidetracked by social media  while only 7% of the twenty somethings.


How To Lead In An Era Of Constant Change

I read a great blog in Medium from Isaac Lidsky named “Leading In Constant Change” where he referenced a really interesting TED Talk by Jim Hemmerling on the same topic.

The video is a great reminder of the challenges HR Leaders face in driving change and innovation in their organizations. As the video points out, organizational change is almost always met with:

  • Anxiety
  • Doubt
  • Exhaustion

The challenge is to not avoid these fear but instead tackle them head on. In the TED Talk Jim Hemmerling points out that to positively effectuate constant change leaders must practice these five techniques:

  • Inspire with purpose;
  • Go all in;
  • Enable people to succeed in transformation;
  • Instill a culture of continuous learning; and
  • Commit to inclusive leadership.

 Here is the TED Talk: