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Job Discontent Growing

"According to Right Management's most recent poll, 86% of workers said they plan to look for new positions in 2013. Only 5% intend to stay in their current positions."

There was a recent editorial in the Atlanta Journal Constitution by Owen Sullivan - CEO of Right Management - that showed that a vast majority of workers intend to look for new positions in 2013.

This is not surprising given - as Owen Sullivan states - "the constant drumbeat of downsizing, coupled with the increase in responsibilities without proper compensation or job promotion, has added stress on workers. These factors, combined with ongoing economic uncertainty and volatility around job growth and job security, have warranted exploration of new positions. This kind of frustration may not be unusual, even in a strong job market, but the levels of discontent we are now finding have to be without precedent."

At The Frontier Group we have seen this trend develop and emerge for the past several years. We consult our career coaching and outplacement clients to consider the following:

  • The discontent referenced in the research is real and this represents an opportunity for candidates looking to enter into their target companies. They key is to proactively reach out to employers rather than take a reactive "wait and see" approach regarding job openings. Being known and familiar to the decision will be very useful when they are presented with a two week notice from one of their key employees.
  • The level of frustration and discontent reflects the continued erosion of the employer/employee relationship. Do not let this bother you. It is a reality that needs to be objectively addressed by developing and executing a solid career marketing plan for yourself.