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Just What The World Needs - Another Career Advice Expert!


My name is Patrick Lynch and I am the President of The Frontier Group, a career coaching and consulting practice that develops career marketing strategies for mid and senior professionals across every industry sector and profession.

We have been practicing in Atlanta, GA for 25 years and have assisted thousands of professionals advance their careers by providing coaching and consulting that gets results.

Our practice gives us unique and valuable insights on career management which I would like to share in future blogs.

I realize that the world is flooded with career advice … nevertheless … I think that many will find my future blogs useful because the insights are based direct observations on how successful career marketing plans are developed and executed.

Some of the subject areas my team and I will cover in my future blogs will include:

  • Manage your career like an entrepreneur
  • Networking - a change in perspective can help you move forward
  • Key factors for successful onboarding
  • What are the top characteristics that hiring managers look for
  • Background checks and resume accuracy - a cautionary tale
  • I am in transition - now what

I look forward to sharing these insights in the future and, as always, open to helping you move forward in your career.

Thanks and welcome!