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Reinvent Your Career by Writing Your Own Narrative

I came across an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review (www.hbr.com) on how to differentiate you from other candidates by putting together a narrative on how all of your unique career experiences weave together.

Quite often I see our career coaching clients have trouble seeing how their work experience and accomplishments tie together in such a way that creates a powerful story on the value that they can bring together to an organization. We are able to assist our coaching clients through our proprietary assessment process that takes them through all aspects of their career to get them to an end point where they can communicate their unique value via resume, self-presentation and written communication.

The results are powerful.

It is one of the best parts of the coaching profession when you can see a client come to terms on their full potential and see themselves as enabled and powered to communicate their value with others.

I hope the following article will provide some inspiration to anyone in the middle of the process of creating their own unique value story.