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So Tell Me About Yourself?

This is one of the most common interview questions that we all face. It is an open ended question that can provide you with a tremendous opportunity to showcase your skills, accomplishments, train of thought and outlook. It can also be a major pitfall where you can inadvertently talk yourself out of consideration.

I would like to share some what we provide our career coaching clients.

First, what not to do ...

  1. Do not get into your personal life. The interview is a business discussion where you need to stay on topic.
  2. Do not story tell.
  3. Do not ask for clarifying questions like - "what would you like to know?"

Now, what should you do ....

  1. Keep your answers brief. The use of lists or bullet points is a great way to get brevity and impact.
  2. Use your recent work experience to highlight why you will be great at the position you are discussing.
  3. Rehearse your answers. We do taped sessions with all of our career coaching clients to help them feel comfortable and articulate with their replies. This helps a lot.

This simple advice can really help you set the stage and succeed in your next interview.