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Steve Jobs - All You Have To Do Is Ask

I found this great You Tube video on Steve Jobs talking about networking. He put it in as simple of terms as possible.

He found that he "never found anybody that didn't want to help me if I asked for help".

He relate a great story about how as a 12 year old boy he was building a frequency counter and needed some spare parts. Hecactually looked in the white pages and found the home telephone number for called Bill Hewlett (yes that one) and asked him if he had some parts he could provide him. Bill Hewlett laughed - gave him the parts - and actually also gave him a summer job building frequency counters.

What Steve Jobs did took a little bravado but it also required him taking that first step.
This is something many of us do not do for fear of failing - falling down flat on our face.
Steve Jobs by his own admission also had that fear but he overcame it with the insight that he could not get to where he wanted to go without making that call - taking that first step.

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