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The Frontier Group 2014 Second Quarter In Review

At The Frontier Group we are able to secure insights and perspective on the Atlanta and Charlotte human resource sector through our work with organizations and individuals in executive coaching and career coaching. The 2014 Second Quarter was a mix on interesting trends that for the most part were very positive.

The following are the key trends that we observed in the 2014 Second Quarter.

Hiring rates are increasing across the board.

Hiring rates as reported by SHRM show that the Southeast Region - which includes the metro Atlanta, Charlotte and Greenville are the we cover - increased for all professional sectors. While the hiring levels may not be as robust as everyone would want to see in a full recovery economy they do show the most positive trend that we have seen in many quarters.

In a recent AJC article Dr. Tim Mescon - President of Columbus State University - described the recovery as "uncertainly paced, modestly paced, incremental growth".

The Hiring Process Is Still Cautious

As an outcome of the economic slump that our region has suffered many organizations are taking a very cautious approach to bring new people into their organization. We see our outplacement and career coaching clients routinely go through a month long/multi stage interview process before landing.

This caution is driven by organizational selectivity due to what is perceived as a still large number of potential applicants and a conservative financial approach that is looking to be ce certain the new headcount can be cost justified.

Voluntary turnover rates are increasing - involuntary rates are decreasing.

Voluntary turnover - people giving their two week notice - is steadily increasing as individuals now feel confident in the stability of the economy. We see this trend as positive because this returning mobility opens up opportunities for new talent to enter organizations. At The Frontier group we see that our outplacement and career coaching clients are landing new positions much quicker than one year ago.

Involuntary turnover rates - layoffs and firings - are decreasing as organization headcounts are stabilizing. We see this trend occurring by the lower level of outplacement clients we are working with.

Confidence in the economy is growing but tentative 

Our corporate clients are all expressing a much more positive outlook for their business. They see increased demand for their goods and services. That said, there is still a level of uncertainty when it comes to how steady the future will be. Recent events have shown us that unforeseen events - weather, political, social - can change this quickly and without warning.

Employee investment is growing

The positive employer outlook is driving increasing levels of employee investment in executive coaching, talent development and team building projects. At The Frontier Group we are seeing our clients begin to increase their investments in their talent because they see the potential ROI that can be delivered.

The Third Quarter outlook is very positive.

All signs point to a very positive 2014 Third Quarter. We have already seen executive coaching and EQ Leadership projects initiated as our corporate clients continue to invest.

At The Frontier Group we provide executive coaching, talent development, outplacement and career coaching solutions to organizations and individuals in Atlanta, Charlotte and Greenville. Please let us know if there is anything that we can help you with.