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Top Ten Career Transition Lessons Learned From Peter Bourke

I recently came across a great Top 10 list of career transition advice from one of the most knowledgeable experts I know – Peter Bourke.

Peter has led a career ministry called C3G (Christ Centered Career Group) out of Northpoint Community Church in Alpharetta, GA for the past ten years. I have had the privilege of volunteering and serving for C3G and have been a great admirer of the work that Peter selflessly provides.

Below is the Top 10 list for what to do during a career transition from Peter Bourke:

“From stress in the home to managing your financial decisions, here are the top tips I have gathered through hundreds of interviews with experts and job seekers.

  1. Be aggressive in reducing your expenses (house, school, haircuts, cable TV, etc.). Transition can take much longer than you think.
  2. Your spouse is a secret weapon and key success factor. Reinvest in your marriage. A married couple often struggles in this journey, and yet the spouse can be the most important asset (in multiple ways).
  3. The 3-foot rule – a simple concept to help people recognize the importance of being willing to share with people they meet that they are in a job search (most try to keep it a secret).
  4. Marketing 101 – Don’t be a “Jack-of-all-Trades” – be clear/concise about what you want to do. Target companies – especially the small to medium ones. Don’t wait for job openings – be proactive!
  5. Have a Plan – Don’t “Wing it” – far too many get paralyzed in the process because they are overwhelmed. It’s not complicated and there is help in this regard! Use weekly review and preview exercise.
  6. There is a “New Normal” – the world of work has changed. By the year 2020, 50% of all work will be done by self-employed contractors. Get creative and look at non-traditional jobs (part-time, consulting, etc.). For more on how to thrive in this new normal work world, visit A Better Way to Make a Living.
  7. Attitude is Everything! Most allow their fear and trepidation to show in networking and even in interviews – I’ll provide a strategy to fight this challenge. Read and work through Step 1 Attitude of 6-step process in “Maximize Your Career” Workbook.
  8. Don’t Walk Alone – Let me reinforce the power of C3G small groups and other career ministries. “A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12. Find and connect with groups near you.
  9. Keep God in the center of your journey!

Personal Lessons Learned

My personal story is that I was a workaholic. I never met a job I did not like. I was fully consumed and overly committed to work. When I was rocking and rolling at work, I did not have time for God. The interesting thing about crises – like going through career transition – it’s God’s special way to get our attention. As a friend of mine has said, “we never look up, until we are knocked on our back.”

If you are going through career transition, this is probably the perfect time to stop, pause and ask – “Lord what is it You want me to learn? Are You trying to get my attention?” I pray a lot for people to find work. I pray a lot more for people to find Christ in this process of making life decisions through career transitions.”

I hope that this provides some inspiration and strength to anyone who is reading this during a time where they are questioning and doubting themselves.