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What Are The Top Ten Priorities Of An Atlanta CHRO?

Evanta recently held a CHRO Summit in Atlanta with a select group of Atlanta's CHRO's from Fortune 1000 companies in the market.

At the one day event they discussed mission critical subjects such as talent management, compensation, technology, analytics, culture, succession planning, engagement, benefits and corporate branding.

Coming out of these discussions Evanta compiled a list of the top Atlanta CHRO priorities. What were the top priorities?

In October Evanta, a leadership conference organizer, held their annual CHRO Leadership Summit in Atlanta. The full day event allowed senior leaders to discuss and share strategic insights across a wide range of subjects relevant to driving their business. Coming out of these discussion Evanta created a very information infographic that captured the ranked priorities of the attending CHRO's at the summit.










It is interesting to note the top five priorities:

  1. Leveraging HR data, tool to create business solutions.
  2. Succession planning and workforce planning strategies,
  3. Developing next-level recruiting strategies and tools.
  4. Creating a diverse, inclusive and engaged culture.
  5. Empowering HR to act as a consultant for other departments.

The emerging themes that are coming out of these described priorities are:

  • CHRO's see that their most important organizational contributions is driving culture and talent.
  • They see that they will need to leverage data tools and analytics in order to be successfully in their mission.
  • CHRO's see that they play an important consultative role within the organization helping other departments and business units manage their talent.