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What To Look For When Hiring Millennials

I was interviewed by the AJC newspaper recently about what tips I would provide prospective employers regarding hiring millennials. In this article I address common perceptions about millennials and provide a solution or "fix" on how smart employers can look past the perceptions and bring some great talent into their organization.

 Here is the link to the AJC article on millennials "Job Hunting Tips For The Class of 2014" by Nedra Rhone.

The article touches on an important subject - how will smart employers see past the perceptions to find the emerging talent that is entering the market. The facts are that while there are some generational differences between millennials and their preceding generations there are also a great deal of similarities.

At The Frontier Group we have partnered with The Adele Lynn Leadership Group on the launch of an EQ Millennial Assessment tool to help employers screen and select top millennial talent. The EQ (Emotional Intelligence) assessment tool has been a key part of our talent management portfolio. 

The millennial generation offers a great deal of promise to employers - a well educated and balanced workforce that can bring creativity and change.