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Why Empathy Can Help Make Outplacement Better

Outplacement and EQ – Empathy Will Help Make The Process BetterOutplacement decisions are hard on everyone. There is a right way to do it though using the empathy one learns from their
emotional intelligence.

In a blog message written by Dave Ashton, Founder of SnapCar, he writes a rhetorical message to an employee that he will never deliver in person but wishes he could tell them. In the message, he openly shares that he personally likes the employee, that he's having a hard time with the decision to let them go and that his decision is justified based on the business results shown.

This message captures everything that needs to be said about why outplacement needs to take place and how to correctly implement it. I have been on both sides of this discussion more than once and can say it captures the dynamic that goes through a good manager’s mind when making the decision to transition someone out of their organization.

A key element to making this process work is empathy – “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” By being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you will be better able to make the right decision (should this person be transitioned out of the company) and be able to communicate it with authenticity and compassion.

As EQ consultants, we have seen managers with high EQ possess empathy towards others and are able to use this skill to understand their impact on others. It allows them to still make the tough decision, but be able to have full awareness of how the decision we be received.

Outplacement decisions are seldom easy. Tapping into your EQ and applying empathy can make the process go smoother.