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Why Virtual Will Never Replace Person-to-Person Outplacement

Why Virtual Will Never Replace Person-to-Person Outplacement Nowadays, it seems that virtual is taking over every aspect of our lives. In many cases, it makes life expoentially easier. In the other cases, it makes life more diffifult and frustrating.

A major trend in outplacement is the move away from in-person client engagement to a virtual model delivered via phone, Skype or e-mail. Will there be a day when virtual will replace in-person? Here are three reasons why The Frontier Group believes there will always be a place for in-person engagement.

  1. People Need to Feel Connected – Especially When They Are In Transition

Being in transition can be emotionally challenging. Many candidates feel like their world has been turned upside down. When the candidate can connect with their outplacement consultant in-person they can form a strong working relationship that will help them positively begin to move forward.

  1. More Resources Can Be Leveraged In An Office Meeting

When outplacement candidates visit our Atlanta or Charlotte office, they benefit from the immediacy of having the resources of our entire team at their disposal. A question might arise that can be quickly answered by an in-person discussion with another team member. This is a much quicker feedback loop than getting back to someone at a later time via e-mail.

Another major benefit of an in-person meeting is when candidates begin to practice interviewing. This process is much more effective in-person.

  1. Outplacement Candidates Can Benefit From Leaving Their Home Office

Candidates in transition can get into a rut where they spend their entire time in front of their computer replying to online ads. They then begin to lose some the mental sharpness that they need when they are in a work environment. Getting out the house for a meeting with their outplacement consultant helps break the cycle and maintain the mental sharpness they will need to effectively network and interview.

At The Frontier Group we believe that there will always be a place for in-person engagement and that virtual will never be able to completely replace it.