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Your Job Search At The End Of The Year - Random Thoughts

As the year winds down I wanted to send out one last blog on random thoughts on job search and career management.

The remaining weeks of the year can be used to take time off to recharge and re-focus but they also represent a great opportunity to have a productive search period.

Consider the following:

  • Most hiring managers are not traveling for the balance of the year and are more accessible.
  • Smart companies are locating and interviewing talent now so that they have all of their key positions filled to start their new year.
  • Not all companies are on a calendar year fiscal. There are many companies that have budgets and talent needs that they are looking to fill now.
  • This is a great time to reconnect with your key contacts by wishing them the best during the holidays. You can also update them on your progress and discuss any new opportunities.

I also wanted to pass along that this is a great time to reflect and give thanks to the many blessings that all of us have.

I sincerely know it is very hard to be in transition or in a career that is stuck in neutral. I also know that we should also take time to recognize the abundance that is around us and thank all of our family, friends and associates for all that they do.

It is easy to take all of the good things we have for granted. This season is a great time to say thanks.

Warmest wishes this holiday season!