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Finding Diamonds in the Rough: The 4C’s of Identifying and Developing Your Future Leaders

Every company yearns to spot that Jack Welch or Satya Nadella early in their ranks, nurturing their growth into exceptional leaders. But distinguishing between genuine potential and mere promise isn't always easy. We need a strategic map for finding and developing these leadership gems—welcome to the 4C Model.

 In the world of business, the future is shaped by leaders. The question we must constantly ask is: who can lead us effectively into the future? And in whom should we invest our resources for development? Successful companies like Pepsi and Apple didn't leave this to chance; they intentionally groomed leaders like Indra Nooyi and Tim Cook for their roles, thereby securing their future.

 Our decades-long exploration and research across industries has honed the 4C model: Capacity, Character, Communication, and Competency. This four-point compass enables allows you to focus your selection and development focus with precision while minimizing bias.

Let’s start with the Hardware . . . Capacity and Character.

Capacity speaks to thought leadership, the ability to manage complex problems and provide unique insights. This is the raw material, the "wiring" that forms the foundation of leadership success.

Character encompasses trustworthiness, maturity, and sound judgment. It's the conditioned “predispositions” that help leaders maintain composure in turbulent times. Character, like capacity, is challenging to alter, making it a critical attribute to assess.

When people have the underlying hardware, your development efforts have a much higher probability of bearing fruit.  It also levels the playing field as it highlights the true predictors of success, versus looking at factors like the college(s) they attended and companies they have worked at which are less predictive and lead to a more homogeneous pool of talent.

The next areas of predictive assessment are the areas of Software – important and more malleable for development.

Communication—the ability to engage all key stakeholders, adapt to different styles, and influence people.  EQ - the ability of a person to create connection and followership. 

Competency encapsulates the application of strategic and functional skills required for specific roles. Too often, we focus primarily on competency because it's the easiest to assess and most directly related to the role. But, for well-rounded decisions, all four Cs are indispensable.

To unearth our future leaders, we must begin by evaluating the hard-to-change hardware: character and capacity. A strong foundation here sets the stage for employees to build on their software—communication skills and competencies.

Additionally, our recruitment activities should lean towards candidates with solid hardware - with a robust foundation, the sky's the limit. A leader with strong capacity and unwavering character can master the art of influencing others and develop the requisite competencies for their role.

Crucially, adopting the 4C Model should involve an inclusive dialogue with diverse perspectives to glean deeper insights and make informed decisions. Remember, while the 4Cs are universal, you may need to add or adapt indicators to match your organization's unique needs. Perhaps your faith-based healthcare organization values a "servant's heart" and compassion—don't hesitate to incorporate these into your framework.

In a world where leadership dictates the rise or fall of companies, having a compass like the 4C model can ensure we are not just finding diamonds in the rough but also polishing them into the needed leaders of tomorrow.

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