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Navigating Your Job Search During a Pandemic

Navigating Your Job Search During a Pandemic

In the midst of the Covid-19, chaos and emotional highs and lows are inevitable. The pandemic has created unrivaled economic uncertainty. Yes, hiring may slow down, but now is the time for you to be proactive and differentiate yourself in the market.

These tips will help you navigate the process during the pandemic.

Stay Positive

Be patient and try to keep a positive outlook knowing that it may take some time to find a new opportunity. Take care of yourself and your mental health to get through your employment gap.

Stay Engaged in Your Job Search

Update your social media profiles and start actively participating. LinkedIn provides training on keeping your profile relevant and how to be found in searches. Showcase your skills and accomplishments, this is your time to shine. Ask colleagues for recommendations, choosing only the exceptional ones to show in your profile.

Be open to the number of resources you use to find job opportunities. Look at local job boards and association websites as well as the larger job boards, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed. To view up to date jobs directly from company career pages LinkUp is a good resource.

Consider taking an interim or short-term position while looking for your next full-time role. A recent article shared the 60 best remote job sites for 2020.

Expand your knowledge

Spend time attending webinars and making new connections. CMP’s OI Solutions eCareer Center ™ offers a comprehensive array of tools and services to create fast results for job seekers. It’s a temporarily FREE virtual career-center that supports every phase of a successful job transition. 

Prepare for interviews in advance. Do your research on the organization and the person you are interviewing with. Practice with a friend or colleague for a phone or virtual interview. Come to the interview with questions for the interviewer about the company or job.

Avoid Mistakes That Other Job Seekers Make

Try not to compromise significantly on compensation for your next full-time role.  If you do it will be difficult to get back to your prior compensation level in the near future. Research the market in your city and make an informed decision.  Ask the recruiter if the company has a compensation philosophy.

Avoid applying for roles where you do not meet any of the qualifications. Most applicant tracking systems have AI, you will automatically be rejected.  Also avoid having a resume that is difficult to read. A recent study found that Recruiters look at a resume for an average of 7 seconds. How are you going to stand out?

Make the most of your job search experience and appreciate the new connections and knowledge you have gained. Best of Luck!