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Patrick Lynch Is The New President-Elect for SHRM-Atlanta

I am pleased to announce that I will be the President-Elect in 2020 for SHRM-Atlanta.

In my new role, I will be part of a volunteer and executive leadership team, helping to make SHRM-Atlanta the premier professional community for those in Human Resources and people management. SHRM-Atlanta has over 2,000+ members from 1,300+ businesses in the Greater Atlanta area.

In my new role, I will be helping our chapter identify opportunities to expand the outreach of SHRM-Atlanta.  Whether you’re an HR professional or people manager, generalist or specialist, entry-level or C-Suite: SHRM-Atlanta has something for you.

SHRM-Atlanta is a great organization doing some big things for the HR community in Atlanta. What gets me excited in that I am going to be part of a team that will be executing a 2020 Vision built upon these four pillars.

Fostering Community | Be a part of something bigger.  The first pillar is about fostering community and connections – helping our members be a part of something bigger than their role, department, or company.  We welcome new and future members into our family and connect them immediately with other professionals, provide ample opportunities for relationship building and networking at every educational program, facilitate mentor/mentee relationships and meaningful dialogue among our members, and offer opportunities to give back to the community at large through volunteerism and community service.  Our strength is with the collective brainpower of our membership, and our goal is to foster relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Promoting Professional Development | Develop in your career. In support of our 2020 Vision, we continuously redesign our professional development offerings to ensure we are delivering on our promise to help our members grow in their careers and increase value to their businesses.    We have created intentional development tracks for Rising Leaders and Accomplished Leaders, in addition to offering a variety of educational programs and program formats designed to help HR professionals and people managers wherever they are in their HR career – early career to senior executive – further develop their HR skills and competencies, business acumen and leadership capacity.  Beyond educational programming, we also provide professional development opportunities through mentorship programs, special interest forums, highlighting best-practices and skills-based volunteerism.  Finally, SHRM-Atlanta is committed to continuously curate innovative HR tools and resources to enable and empower our members. 

Celebrating Excellence in Human Resources | Be celebrated: As a community of HR professionals and people managers, we want to help our members be celebrated, enhance their (and their company’s) professional brand, and create visibility for – and inspire best practices in others –initiatives that have further enhanced the HR profession and positively impacted business results.  In addition to celebrating individual and collective success by promoting various HR awards and recognition programs, we also celebrate our members’ promotions, HR Certification attainment, new positions, and other achievements throughout the year.   

Advancing Thought Leadership | Drive thought leadership:  SHRM-Atlanta is committed to connecting our members to local and national thought leaders, while highlighting new and innovative thinking, to empower each member to bring new thought leadership to, and promote positive change within, their organizations.  

I am very much looking to starting my new opportunity. Also, I would encourage all of our blog subscribers who are not SHRM members to look into joining their local chapter. SHRM chapters are best-in-class resource networks of forward-thinking HR practitioners and leaders that can help you grow your career and organization.

Here is the link for anyone interested in joining my SHRM-Atlanta chapter https://www.shrmatlanta.org/page/joinus