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How to Fail on LinkedIn – My Humble Opinion


I love LinkedIn. LinkedIn has consistently been the best way for me to build my professional network, keep current on relevant trends, learn new things, and serve as an enjoyable distraction during the workday. I have

What I Have Learned From Being On LinkedIn For 14 Years


I was listening to the LinkedInformed podcast by Mark Williams last week, where he did a deep dive into LinkedIn profile settings. I decided to tour my settings to see if any changes were needed, and I noticed that I

How Did LinkedIn Become The Safest Place On Social Media?

social media LinkedIn

Over the weekend, I read an interesting New York Times article (along with a couple of opinion pieces about the article) that talked about how LinkedIn has earned the distinction of being a controversy-free zone on the

LinkedIn Sept. 2017 Atlanta Jobs Report


We wanted to share the September 2017 Atlanta Jobs Report released by LinkedIn (just in case you did not see it in your daily newsfeed).

LinkedIn User Statistics - Well Worth Reviewing


The following infographic in the blog below from Wayne Breithbarth shares some valuable insights on LinkedIn member usage. that we think our blog subscribers will find useful.

Ask A Career Coach - 6 Tips for Writing LinkedIn Headlines


Before we even get started on the topic of LinkedIn headlines, let’s do some level setting so we’re all working from the same page. You do have a LinkedIn profile, yes? And when you set it up, LinkedIn populated your

LinkedIn Endorsements


LinkedIn created an endorsement program six months ago in an effort to generate more engagement (time on site), interaction and data value.

How to Ask For A Recommendation On LinkedIn


The recommendation section on the LinkedIn profile is one of the best marketing tools available for professionals looking to build trust, credibility and interest.

How To Make LinkedIn Connections Work For You


Here is a great blog by J.T. O Donnell - CEO of CareerRealism.com on how to make correctly make LinkedIn connections

Has LinkedIn Lost It's Way?


Here is a great blog post by Anne Marsden about some of the not so great changes taking place on LinkedIn.