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The Big Reset – What HR Leaders Can Expect

We are all going to be drowning in the news about the uncertain times ahead. I am seeing that the predictions that are the gloomiest seem to be getting the most traction.

This is understandable since the number of US-based COVID-19 cases continues to increase, and more cities and states are going into full shut down.

For my sanity, I am seeking out measured, sober, analytical voices to help me logically evaluate a world where nothing is making sense.

One welcome voice is Josh Bersin. He released a video on Sunday call The Big Reset: Making Sense Of The Corona Virus Crisis.

Josh provides a measured analysis of the current environment and talks about everything that has resulted in the significant buildup from eleven years of business expansion is about to get a major reset.

Josh believes that we are headed into what he calls the Great Reset. There are five critical elements to this reset:

Reset of Work

Circumstances have forced all of us into the most extensive work from home experiment ever conceived. This experiment is going to lead us into a real digital transformation on how work gets done. The open office/forced collaboration work environments were attempts at rethinking work. Unfortunately, how work got done did not improve in any measurable way. The real digital transformation is going to be the massive expansion of the virtual workforce.

Reset of Budget

The eleven-year business expansion led to an increase in workplace complexity and increased bureaucracy. Software and processes were added, with nothing being taken away. The result – an increasingly complicated workplace where it became harder to keep up. Josh believes that the almost certain recession we are heading into will result in budget cutbacks. These cutbacks will be an opportunity for HR Leaders to make a Marie Kondo approach where workplace simplification can bring greater joy.

For a another Marie Kondo inspired blog check out: https://blog.careermp.com/learn-how-the-konmari-method-can-help-your-professional-life

Reset of Leadership

Empathy will be the prevailing leadership style moving forward. Employees want leaders who feel what they feel. Employees will look to leaders like Ed Bastian of Delta Airlines, who will forgo his salary during the crisis, and is doing everything possible not to lay off his people.

Reset of Trust

It will be more important than ever that companies earn the trust of all of their key stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities where they operate. To earn trust, companies will need to show they are acting ethically clearly, are competent, and listen to their stakeholders.

Reset of HR

Josh Bersin points out that HR has evolved from the back-office payroll function to becoming the front-line communicators and leaders within their organization. In these uncertain times, this is where HR leaders can be best displayed.

Here is the full Josh Bersin video:


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