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Actually . . . You Can Get Hired in November and December

As a firm, we are in the job market every day, either helping our outplacement candidates find a role or leading search activity to fill positions for our clients.  This process has provided a lot of insights into job search and exposed a few myths.  The top myth we hear this time of year is “The holidays are slow for hiring.”

This is simply not true.

If you are in the market for a new role, then I recommend you keep your job search going through the holidays. Below are six little known reasons why you can get hired in November and December, and where to focus your job search activity:

Here are 6 Reasons You Can Land a Job This Time of Year.

Reason 1:  Jobs open in November and December are often business-critical functions within the organization and, therefore, companies hire quickly when a close-to-the-right candidate surfaces. If the position was is pivotal, then the company will often wait until January.

Reason 2:  Organizations on a fiscal calendar year often try to use budget dollars and/or fill approved openings before the end of the year.  Under a use-it-or-lose-it approach, the hiring leaders are motivated to fill the role quickly so that they do not lose the money or headcount for the following year.

Reason 3:  Candidates still in the job search are up against less competition in November and December. Candidates who are suitable for open jobs during this time have a higher chance of getting hired since many of their competing candidates postpone the search until January.

Reason 4:  With holiday parties and “thank you to our vendor/client” events, it is an exceptional time for candidates to network without looking like they are job hunting. Additionally, because business for some industries could be slower during this period, this time is ripe for taking time away from the office for an interview without raising eyebrows.

Reason 5:  Companies that have a strategic hiring plan tend to seek out talent in December since it is a downtime for many US-based organizations. Reactive companies may sit out on the sidelines until their next opening comes around in the New Year, but quality companies take action during December to source the best people.

Reason 6:  Many cultures across the world do not celebrate a holiday during November or December. So, if international assignments are what a candidate is seeking, whether the candidate is US-based on not, stepping up the search during this time can improve the odds of landing a global role.

The bottom line, if you are exhausted and need a break or if you have obligations that are preventing you from conducting your job search, then postpone the search until January. However, if you are energized to find a new role, then keep going. Do not stop simply because you ‘heard’ it is slow. Capitalize on what the season offers job seekers.

Best of the season!


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