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Understanding Reduction in Force: Definition, Purpose, and Tips

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What is a Reduction in Force? A reduction in force, commonly referred to as RIF, is a term that is often used in the business world. But what exactly does it mean? Simply put, a reduction in force is a process in which

What is Outplacement? Conducting Layoffs with Effectiveness & Compassion

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In the fluid, fast-paced world of business, restructuring, downsizing, or rightsizing can sometimes become a necessity. One of the key methods to mitigate the organization risk and individual impact on affected

Compassionate Layoffs That Keep You Off The Front Page

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Downsizing, RIFs, layoffs. All are part of the business landscape, but if you think these are mere cost-cutting exercises, think again. Conducting layoffs with compassion and transparency not only upholds your company's

The Moral And Business Imperative Of RIF Support

Diversity Forbes Reductions in Force

Forbes Article by Forbes Council Member, Maryanne Piña

Addressing The Latino Career Chasm Through Allyship And Development

Diversity Forbes Latino Career Development

Forbes Article by Forbes Council Member, Maryanne Piña

How Can Outplacement Services Protect Your Company?

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Layoffs are hard and they always give rise to uncertainty and fear. Impacted employees are affected physically and psychologically - experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, and often stress from immediate financial

How Talent Assessment Tools Give You the Advantage

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Organizations are nothing more or less than a collection of people whose skills fit and align with the needs of the organization. Company success is always dependent on talent, and attracting and acquiring the right

Top Talent Recruitment Methods & Best Practices

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We are experiencing a significant shift in talent acquisition, making it tough to recruit and retain top talent. In July 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that over 4 million employees called it quits,

What Does Leadership Coaching Include?

Leadership Development Leadership Coaching career growth

Talent development is one of the primary components for businesses when retaining and engaging employees. However, not many companies implement an effective leadership coaching program - 44% of leaders who experienced

3 Ways to Make Your Hiring Assessments More Effective

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Organizations today are competing to hire diverse top talent, spending over $200 billion annually on recruitment. As part of this investment, an increasing number are leveraging scientific hiring assessments to surface