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2014 First Quarter Review - Career Coaching Update

Depositphotos_35578655_xsWith the beginning of a new year The Frontier Group is introducing our new ongoing blog feature – a quarterly review that will provide a perspective on the quarter that has just been completed and a forward look towards the upcoming quarter. Our goal is to provide insights on outplacement services and leadership consulting trends that are worthy of note to our clients and readers.


2013 Fourth Quarter Review

  • The employment market is improving.
  • Unemployment rates continue to decline as more people are hired. The slow recovery continues but the key fact is that headcounts are growing as open positions are filled and new positions are created.

The Frontier Group clients continue to do well in terms of placement. Some examples of the new positions that TFG clients have landed in the Fourth Quarter:

  • Director of Sales – Synergistic Marketing
  • Team Lead – Amazon
  • Director, Special Projects - Consortium Health Plans
  • Government Solutions Consultant - Submittal Exchange
  • Store Manager – Babies R Us
  • Manager of Accounting – Novelis
  • Director of Operations – Textrum Industries
  • Regional Defender - North Carolina Indigent Defense Services department.
  • Marketing Director - Otto Environmental

Outplacement services remain steady as organizations continue to rationalize headcount. There is also an increase in outplacement services due to synergy reductions coming from merger & acquisition.

2014 First Quarter Preview

Employee engagement and talent development activity will continue to grow. Organizations will be committing more resources towards developing their key talent in order to continue productivity gains and to not lose key talent to the competition.

The most in demand leadership consulting involves C Suite communication. Many organizations are looking at how to improve the communication effectiveness of their senior managers. These forward thinking organizations are reaching out to leadership consulting practices like The Frontier Group to coach their senior leaders on how to present and communicate to the C Suite (hint – it starts with getting to the point).

Voluntary turnover rates are predicted to accelerate as many employees will be pursue career advancement outside their current organization. This will present challenges to organizations to improve their talent acquisition effectiveness.